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General terms of sale

Web site: and Store: sport Risks

Sport Risks

1 street of The Republic

84100 ORANGE

Such: 33 (0) 4 90 34 75 08 – e-mail:

The registration in natural services Bike Provence involves the pure and simple acceptance of the present general conditions.

Article 1 – Nature of the contract:

The rent of Bike, with basic equipment supplied by the renter, above called. The rent of base rented at the end of the present, taken individual or in a group, is indicated, Rented Properties, (basic equipment of the bike: battery -e bike, helmet, anti-theft device, bag front, kit of repair, proposed routes).

Article 2 – conditions of use:

Every minor must be accompanied by a major person

Article 3 – Assistance:

The tenant benefits from assistance in case of a major mechanical incident on the bike or an accident. The lessor undertakes to intervene on site, as soon as possible, in case of impossibility of using the bicycle. Problems such as puncture, derailment, battery depletion or abandonment of activity, whatever the cause, are not included in the assistance. Troubleshooting is possible in the cases mentioned above, at a cost of travel according to the mileage carried out.

Assistance only on paved roads.

This assistance is available 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. Assistance is free from the address: 1 rue de la République 84100 ORANGE and within 30 kms from the reception point . Beyond this, the tenant will bear the fixed cost of € 30 inclusive per intervention.

Article 4 – Leasing arrangements:

The rental takes note of the moment the tenant signs the rental contract and takes possession of the rented property. This contract shall enter into force and terminate on the dates set out in the lease agreement.If the tenant extends the rental period, he must renew a new rental contract to keep the Bicycle and Accessories and thus benefit from the guarantees provided for in the contract.The tenant acknowledges having received the Leased Property in good working order with the basic equipment. He declares that he personally had full discretion to audit the leased property and select it according to his needs. The tenant undertakes to return the rented property in the state in which he has rented it, except for normal wear and tear.

Article 5 – Payment and Methods of Settlement:

The entire service is paid by the tenant under the following conditions: – at the time of signature of the contract in case of immediate take-over of the leased goods – at the time of the order in case of in situ reservation. The methods of payment accepted are: by bank card, bank transfers and cash. The deposit is taken at the time of the disposal of the rented goods.

Article 6 – Reservation – Cancellation

The lessor ensures the only availability of the proposed service at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Benefits are reserved for firm dates.

For reservations made on site:

Submissions of ID

Any degradation or theft is the customer’s responsibility

Payable in advance upon signature of contract

Deposit of € 300 for VTC and € 1300 for e-bikes (Bank card number as guarantee or cash) not cashed

Parental authorization for minors

Civil liability for the tenant

Other reservations available:

You must fill in the booking procedure by email. Your reservation will be sent to the renter. You will receive your order immediately by email.

Registration is done by sending a reservation note accompanied by payment, partial (30% of the total amount) or in full, by transfer, bank card, or cash, to the lessor. The payment manifests the conclusion of the contract.
It is confirmed by sending an email.

Methods of reimbursement:

Benefits are reserved for firm dates.Consequently, no cancellation can be accepted if it arrives to the lessor less than eight (8) days before the start of the services.

Every reservation gives rise to the collection of a deposit of 30%. The tenant can cancel a reservation under the following conditions:

More than 30 days before the service: Cancellation without reason and refund of the deposit minus 20€ of application fee kept by the lessor.

From 7 days to 24 hours before the benefit: as compensation the lessor keeps the deposit paid.

Less than 24 hours before the service: the entire ordered service is invoiced to the tenant who is obliged to pay it.

Cancellation fees will not be paid when the cancellation is caused by the duly justified illness of the tenant, or in case of proven bad weather conditions (mistral with gusts over 80km/h, rain or snow storm)
Exclusion: the lessor reserves the right to exclude at any time any person whose conduct is likely to interfere with the conduct of the activity. In this case, the customer will not be entitled to any refund.

Article 7 – Conflict

The parties shall endeavour to resolve any difficulties which may arise in the performance of the contract amicably. If no amicable agreement could be reached, all disputes relating to the validity, interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the rules of French law.
All disputes, of whatever nature, will fall within the competence of the French civil and commercial courts, including those dealing with interim measures.

Article 8 – Liability – Damage to Leased Property – Theft:

The tenant is personally liable for any violation of the Highway Traffic Act, and is always liable for any physical and material damage caused by him in connection with the use of the leased cycle or cycles in his custody (Article 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code)

In case of flight or in case of accident, a declaration must be immediately made for police services or of Gendarmerie and the renter informed at the same time.

In case of flight or if he makes responsible for an accident, a tenant or his insurance will have to repair the damage undergone by the renter (value of the replacement of the cycle and the commercial damage), according to the current pricing fixed below in the article 9 “register degraded rooms”.

Article 9 – Pledge:

During the provision of the Rented Properties, the tenant pays a pledge (by number of bank card, checks or in cash) fixed in:

300 € by Bike for a HYBRID BIKE

1300 € by Bike for an e-bike

400 € by bike for a racing cycle

200 € by bike for a bike child

50 € by back bag

30 € by bag before

20 € per bike saddle

20 € per helmet

20 € per meter

10 € per anti-theft

30€ baby carrier

400€ Yamaha 400w battery

60€ dial display

100€ battery charger

150€ child trailer

This deposit is not cashed during the rental period. At the return of the rented property the deposit is returned to the tenant.

The tenant authorizes the lessor to take from the security the sums due: – in respect of the deductible, – in repair of the damage and theft the costs of which are fixed above. – as compensation for late return of the leased goods. It is expressly agreed that the amount of the security cannot in any case constitute a guarantee limit, the lessor retaining, where appropriate, the right to sue the lessee to obtain full compensation for his damage.

Article 10 – Return:

The return of the rented goods will be made on the contractual maturity being specified that: – for half-day rentals, the rented goods must be returned before 2pm or before 7pm depending on whether the half-day is morning or afternoon. – for daily rentals the rented goods must be returned before 7.00 p.m. Any late refund will result in the application of a flat-rate penalty equal to the price of one rental day per half day or day late.

Article 11 – Leasing of the lessor:

The Leased Goods may not be assigned or given back as security.